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limitless limitless

Rated 1 / 5 stars


First of all, zooming in doesn't zoom in, I don't like that. Uploading a beta of a flash game is kind of... stupid. Upload it when it's done, if you have a beta, get your friends to test it or something. Survival would be better if the zombies came towards you, and you actually zoomed in. I can't really give advice on how to make it better, because there isn't much to judge. The tutorials alright I guess, but there's not much to the game, add special ammo or something. During the loading screens, the pictures are kind of hard to read because of low resolution. For a loading screen, what would work well is just a solid background, and on the loading/tip bars, there should be another, solid colour behind the text. Makes it look nicer. The controls are kind of annoying, I have to put my left hand in an awkward position to play. The controls would be better if it was something like: R to reload, W to zoom in, S to zoom out, or something along those lines. Good try, though. Work on it, it'll probably be great when it's done :D.

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Smashanimations responds:

ahhhh ha thanks for the review.... after reading all that i feel bullied XD..
if you want simpleness go play my other game... 'the cell'
the scripting is so much better

Kill Justin Beaver Kill Justin Beaver

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Shot lived, but fun.

Played through the whole thing a few times for the accuracy judgement, it made me laugh, so i'm giving it a high rating. Graphics are kind of bad, the fact that he only has one hit sound clip was kind of annoying. Killing Justin Beiber/Beaver isn't an original concept, but putting it into a game where there are more then one weapon was pretty nice, and you actually made him a beaver. Clever. I enjoyed it. Probably won't look at it ever again though. For a sequel adding levels where you can kill his fans and he's a boss every few levels and keeps getting stronger would be cool, that plus an exp bar and being able to buy upgrades for me/downgrades for him and his underlins would make it a fun, memorable game that I'd play for a lengthly period of time.

TL;DR, Fun but short, longer sequel would be nice.

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Tempest ~FNG~ (WIP) Tempest ~FNG~ (WIP)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Good... for a WIP.

Nice melodic dubstep, if this was intended to be really filthy, you have failed completely. If you want to get filthy dubstep synths with massive, look up YAYA bass tutorial on youtube. I don't mind long intros, as long as the song itself is long too. With this song, this was not the case, and it ended abruptly. Basically, it SHOULD go, intro, drop, bridge, buildup, drop, outro, while this song was just intro, drop. As a trance or electronica song, this was good. As a dubstep piece.. not so much. Also, use LFOs to automate wave tables, and mess around with massive. Make your synths complicated, and if it sounds like crap, try again. You'll find funky stuff. Good luck.

Omnivore responds:

Ya, thanks for the epic review! And I'm only a beginner with Massive, and this was just a light Dubstep test, that will be completed in the future. Anyways, thanks for the luck! I'll definitely need it :3

=Smir-nOn= =Smir-nOn=

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You made this while shitfaced? Holy shittles, this is great. Effects, synths, mixing, drums, buildup, flow, structure, it's all fantastic. :O. Keep at it!

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Daydream-Anatomy responds:

Thanks brah,

I'm still drunk, the same drunk I was when I made this song, except 6 hours longer into it or w/e.

I'm glad it still sounds good, I was really worried I was wasting my buzz in fruityloops.

Hopefull Melancholy DEMO Hopefull Melancholy DEMO

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite solid.

I like the synth strings at the beginning, they work with the buildup of the piece very well. I also like the dynamic hi-hat with the build up. Really makes it flow. The rhythm of the detuned lead fits really well with the string synth and drums at the first drop. The further buildup to the second drop with the snare works well with the sort of treble-heavy vibe of this piece, or at least of the demo so far. A bass drop wouldn't be bad. Much better then it would have been with bass drum buildup. The sidechaining is perfect, and the reverb/release of the lead at both drops is great. I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about this track. I really hope the finished version is good :D.

Fr34KC responds:

Thanks for the quick response =)
I agree with you that it definitely lacks something in the lower frequency section, because other than the kick there's not much going on down there. I'm trying to find a suitable baseline to cover that to make it sound richer and fuller though I think something simple would already suffice but we'll see what I can do there. A base roll in addition to the snare to make it more powerfull is a excellent idea, thank you for that.

Unfortunately I don't have much time at my hands atm =( but stay tuned I hope for it to be finished in the course of the next week =)