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limitless limitless

Rated 1 / 5 stars


First of all, zooming in doesn't zoom in, I don't like that. Uploading a beta of a flash game is kind of... stupid. Upload it when it's done, if you have a beta, get your friends to test it or something. Survival would be better if the zombies came towards you, and you actually zoomed in. I can't really give advice on how to make it better, because there isn't much to judge. The tutorials alright I guess, but there's not much to the game, add special ammo or something. During the loading screens, the pictures are kind of hard to read because of low resolution. For a loading screen, what would work well is just a solid background, and on the loading/tip bars, there should be another, solid colour behind the text. Makes it look nicer. The controls are kind of annoying, I have to put my left hand in an awkward position to play. The controls would be better if it was something like: R to reload, W to zoom in, S to zoom out, or something along those lines. Good try, though. Work on it, it'll probably be great when it's done :D.

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Smashanimations responds:

ahhhh ha thanks for the review.... after reading all that i feel bullied XD..
if you want simpleness go play my other game... 'the cell'
the scripting is so much better

Kill Justin Beaver Kill Justin Beaver

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Shot lived, but fun.

Played through the whole thing a few times for the accuracy judgement, it made me laugh, so i'm giving it a high rating. Graphics are kind of bad, the fact that he only has one hit sound clip was kind of annoying. Killing Justin Beiber/Beaver isn't an original concept, but putting it into a game where there are more then one weapon was pretty nice, and you actually made him a beaver. Clever. I enjoyed it. Probably won't look at it ever again though. For a sequel adding levels where you can kill his fans and he's a boss every few levels and keeps getting stronger would be cool, that plus an exp bar and being able to buy upgrades for me/downgrades for him and his underlins would make it a fun, memorable game that I'd play for a lengthly period of time.

TL;DR, Fun but short, longer sequel would be nice.

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